Aesthetic Smile Clinic

Aesthetic smile clinic

Aesthetic smile clinic is a comprehensive care for creating a perfect smile line for our patients, with a team of dentists specialized in each field. The comprehensive treatments depend on the existing smile and the possibility to achieve a perfect smile line. Dental situations such as malpositioned or rotated teeth may require orthodontic treatment.

In case of malaligned teeth with an abnormal jaw relationship or a gummy smile, treatment options can include both orthodontic treatment and surgery.

In case of normal positioning of teeth but with uneven or discoloured teeth; with white or brown stains, gaps between teeth, tooth decay, or canted smile line, these can be corrected with ceramic crowns or ceramic veneers. In a more complicated situation the treatment can be a full mouth rehabilitation or full mouth reconstruction.


Asok Montri Dental Clinic will be glad to provide these treatments by our dentist team specialiazed in each field, with a certification by the American Board of Prosthodontics with over 20 years of experience, including an in-house laboratory state of the art technology and the best quality of dental labwork.

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Aesthetic smile clinic


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