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The premier dental clinic is located in Bangkok, specialized in cosmetic, implants and comprehensive dentistry.

Our team of Thai, American and German cetified dentists is dedicated to a traditional of excellence. We offer the highest quality service for our patients with our expertise in luxurious and warm atmosphere.

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American Board Certified.
The Dental Implant Clinic is dedicated to dental implants. Our implantologist has over 20 years experience in using dental implants to restore smile to perfection. The dental Implant Clinic places.
over 500 dental implants every year, and ensures tht all patients, no matter what their reuirements are, can find the best possible treatment for their mouths. We pride ourselves on marketing a thorough examination and diagnosis and presenting you with all the option for missing teeth so that you can make an informed decision. The Dental Implant Clinic allows us to place dental implants in a controlled, sterile envioronment. We are committed to striving for excellence in dental implants, and are a teach centre for other dentists to learn about implant dentistry

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Digital X- ray 3- D Computerized Tomography

By using the digital x ray technology, radiation exposure can be reduced up 70 % compared to the film technology. The x ray can be printed out and saved to the database and also sent via e-mail to the patient. We provide 2 and 3 dimensional x ray in the same x ray equipment which will give the information of the bone volume in width , height and thickness .

3 dimensional computerized tomography will enhance the diagnosis and give the accuracy of treatment planning especially for dental implants. All the plan can be visualized by using implant Procera software, and also plan for the flapess surgery, Nobel guide , which will minimize the pain and discomfort after the operation.